MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
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MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle
MOZA R3 bundle

MOZA R3 bundle



MOZA Racing have collaborated with Microsoft to create our first officially licensed, fully plug and play bundle for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

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Officially Licensed for Xbox

3.9Nm DD Servo Motor

Aviation-grade Aluminum

ISF PU Grips

Full High-Strength Steel

Ultra-low Torque Ripple & Groove Torque

Mobile App Control

Game Compatibility

Officially Licensed for Xbox

3.9Nm DD Servo Motor

Aviation-grade Aluminum

ISF PU Grips

Full High-Strength Steel

Ultra-low Torque Ripple & Groove Torque

Mobile App Control

Game Compatibility

MOZA's First

Licensed Racing Bundle

MOZA Racing have collaborated with Microsoft to create our first officially licensed, fully plug and play bundle for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.

Precise 3.9 Nm Direct-Drive Powerhouse

The MOZA R3’s 3.9Nm motor consistently delivers class leading direct drive power and precisely detailed force feedback easily outperforming traditional 3Nm bases.

Compact Adaptable Design

From desktop to fully dedicated rigs the R3’s compact design can be easily adapted to fit any scenario regardless of available space.

High-precision Craftsmanship

With a base crafted from aviation-grade aluminum alloy an ISF PU grips steering wheel and high-strength steel pedals. The R3 sets the benchmark for entry-level racing.

Full Compatibility with Mainstream Games

Compatible with dozens of mainstream simulation racing games, including Forza Horizon, Project CARS, F1, DiRT Rally, and Assetto Corsa series.

MOZA R3 DD Wheelbase

3.9 Nm DD Servo Motor

The direct drive servo motor delivers a stable and realistic torque output of 3.9 Nm. It flawlessly replicates the steering force found in road and race cars, providing detailed and immersive feedback direct to your hands.

Innovative X Shape Design

The MOZA R3 features an innovative X shape design, combining striking aesthetics with a unified motor housing for improved cooling efficiency and lasting performance.

Aviation-grade Aluminum

Crafted entirely from aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the R3 base boasts a new sleek appearance while ensuring superb durability and endurance.

The Maximum & Minimum Philosophy

The MOZA R3’s compact body and ultra low power consumption delivers maximum torque and excellent temperature control performance.

Ultra-low Torque Ripple & Groove Torque

Our engineers have achieved the ultimate steering force feedback thanks to the R3’s ultra low torque ripple and groove characteristics.

Intelligent Temperature Control System

Our advanced intelligent temperature control system delivers a constant and reliable performance under all conditions.

15-bit Encoder

The ultra high 15 bit encoder ensures a highly accurate and realistic steering feel.

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Control Software

MOZA Pit House

Dedicated software with almost unlimited customization possibilities, clear, intuitive, with precise suggestions.

Mobile App Control

Real time on the fly adjustments can be made using the MOZA mobile app including hassle free setup transfers to new devices.

MOZA ES Steering Wheel

for Xbox

Officially Licensed for Xbox

Combining Xbox console performance with MOZA Racing direct drive technology for the most immersive racing experience.

Durable ISF PU Grips

Our non-slip, sweat-proof durable grips offer a premium feel whilst being environmentally friendly.

Aluminum Wheel Rim

The solid aluminium alloy rim ensures maximum rigidity, durability and immersion.

MOZA QR System

The Moza Racing QR system makes swapping wheels both easy and fast and is widely regarded as the best in the industry.

22 Customizable Buttons

22 fully customizable buttons allow for racers to make all of the on-board adjustments they need while in the heat of battle.

Flow Shift Light

Fully customisable flow shift Rpm LEDs add a unique touch to your racing setup.

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SR-P Lite Pedals

Pedal Set of 2- No Clutch

Full High-strength Steel

High strength steel ensures rock solid performance and durability.

High Precision Hall Sensor

A high-precision hall sensor ensures accurate maintenance free performance.

For the Pros, or for Home

Our anti-slip pad design ensures consistent braking and throttle control.

Adjustable Pedal Spacing

For optimum ergonomics, pedals can be easily spaced and configured for maximum comfort and accessibility.

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Output Curve Adjustment

Finding your optimum pedal feel and input is easy with the MOZA Pit House.
Wheel size
Steering wheel type
Grip material
Artificial Leather
Buttons quantity
Funky switch
Dual Clutch
Moza Wireless
Backlit buttons
RPM Leds
Max torque
Max Torque Slew Rate
15 bit
E-stop button
QR Included
24 months
Fixing method
Table clamp
Wheelbase weight
3,45 kg

ES Steering Wheel
SR-P Lite Pedals
Wheel Material
Microfiber Leather
High-strength Steel
FFB Drive System
Direct Drive
Frame and Front Plate Material
Aluminum Alloy
Plate Material
High-strength Steel
Max Steering Angle
Infinite Rotation
Dial Material
Aluminum Alloy
Housing Material
Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
11 inches
Pedal Sensor Type
Hall Sensor
Pedal Spacing
Peak Torque
LED Lamp Beads
Pedal Plate Height
USB Refresh Rate
Intelligent Telemetry
Pedal Input Adjustment
Input Voltage
110V~220V AC —>12V DC
Configurable LEDS (MOZA Pit House)
Pedal Input Reversal
Encoder Resolution
15 bits
Disassembly method
Quick Release System
Pedal Output Curve Adjustment
App Functions
Anti-Slip Pad
Quick Release
Power, Data, Display, Pedals, Wheel Input
User manual, Warranty card, Power supply, USB cable, Toolkit
Mounting Method
4 holes on the bottom
Desktop Mounting Clip
Online Firmware Upgrade
Emergency Stop Switch
Firmware Upgrade

R5 Wheel Base x1

ES Steering Wheel x1

SR-P Lite Pedals (No Clutch) x1

R5 Table Clamp

15 Degree Desktop Mounting Clip

Power Supply

Power Cord - AC cable (1.5m) & DC cable (1.8m)

USB Cable (1.8m)

M4*10 Socket Screws x12

M6*20 Socket Head Screws x2

M8 Nuts x3

M6x12 Socket Head Screws x4

Pedal Fixed Rubber Columns x2

2.5mm Hexagonal Wrench x1

7mm Open End Wrench x1

5mm Hexagonal Wrench x1

Type A to Type B USB Cable x1 (1.8m)

M8*12 Hexagonal Screws x3

How to switch xbox/pc mode

Press S1+S2 button on the ESX steering wheel at the same time and hold for 5 seconds. The base will automatically restart and switch to xbox/pc mode.
In xbox mode: steering wheel rpm light will turn from the left and right to the center
In PC mode: steering wheel rpm light will show red, yellow and green breathing lights.


Can the ESX wheel be used on other MOZA bases?

Except for the early V1 base which does not support the ESX steering wheel due to the transmission method. All MOZA V2 bases currently on sale on the official website can be adapted to the ESX steering wheel (the V2 base needs to have its own RJ11 pedal interface, otherwise the throttle, brake and other functions will not be able to be used)


Why are some buttons of the ESX steering wheel invalid in xbox mode?

This is due to the Xbox Steering Wheel Development Agreement, which states that all buttons on the ESX steering wheel can work normally without conflict in PC mode.
**ESX steering wheel in xbox mode**
    - **Steering wheel dedicated buttons**: generally include steering wheel steering (analog axis), throttle pedal (analog axis), brake pedal (analog axis), clutch pedal (analog axis), and shift paddles (LB&&RB).
    - **Standard Button Mapping**: Contains some standard Xbox buttons, such as A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, LT, RT and D-pad. LSB and RSB can work normally under certain specific games, and are usually mapped to LB and RB.
  - **Extra Function Buttons**: Menu Button, View Button, Xbox Button (3).


Why are some popular racing games not adapted, like ACC and F1 23?

The xbox console platform should actually in principle have no adaption issues between device manufacturers and game manufacturers. Since Microsoft sets the standards, both game makers and device makers design according to Microsoft's standards, and the two will naturally adapt. But with the F1 23 and ACC games, they first determine if the device is on its adaptation list before adapting. Devices that are not on the game's adaptation list will not be able to plug and play. We are also working with different game manufacturers to advance the compatibility of xbox games.


How to adjust the parameters of the base in xbox mode?

Download MOZA Racing app in the app store for Apple phones and Android phones.


Why does pressing the RT and LT buttons on the ESX steering wheel trigger the throttle and brake?

We followed the development guidelines of the Xbox steering wheel. The throttle corresponds to the RT key on the gamepad, and the brake throttle corresponds to the LT key on the gamepad. Therefore, the LT and RT button on the steering wheel have the same origin as the pedal signals.


Are all racing games on Xbox plug and play?

Most of the games listed are plug-and-play and require no additional configuration. A few games may require manual binding of buttons.


Can I play action and RPG role-playing games with the steering wheel?

No, the racing wheel is developed differently than the gamepad, so these games are not supported.


Why is there no force feedback when entering the game?

The games listed on the official website can all get force feedback. If there is no force feedback, it may be that the base is restarted and powered off during the game, causing the base to not obtain the game focus. You can switch to the Xbox homepage or restart Game, regain the focus of the game.


Why does the xbox menu keep sliding down and the cross keys cannot control xbox menu selections?

Throttle and brake correspond to RT and LT respectively. In the Xbox protocol, the function of RT in menu selection is to slide down the menu, and LT corresponds to the sliding menu up. If the menu automatically moves down or up, you can recalibrate the pedal through the moza racing mobile app to eliminate the pedal dead zone.


Why does the steering wheel rpm lights fail to rotate with the vehicle speed, and the dashboard is not synchronized with the vehicle dashboard, which is in a stopped state?

In xbox mode, the telemetry function is temporarily not supported.


Can the MOZA handbrake and shifters be used in Xbox mode?

Peripherals can obtain Xbox certification support by directly connecting to the base. If the game supports custom key bindings, the peripherals can be adapted normally in the game (the adaptation needs to be determined according to the specific game)


Why is the throttle or brake output maxed out when the pedal is pressed down a little?

Find the pedal tab in the moza racing mobile app, step on and calibrate the pedals.


How to adjust the maximum steering angle of the steering wheel?

The maximum steering and maximum limit angle can be adjusted in the moza racing mobile app.


Can the XBOX controller be conencted at the same time?

The Xbox controller and the racing steering wheel are two different control devices and there will be no conflict. However, in the Forza series of games, switching back and forth between the two control devices may cause the controller to be in a vibration state all the time.
The tentative solution is as follows:
Controller wired connection: Disconnect the USB power supply cable.
Controller Wireless connection: long press the xbox button on the controller and choose to turn off it.


Does the horizon series lock framerate?

All games on xbox platform locked at 60 and locked at 30 fps due to the performance limitations of Xbox.


Why can't I switch the base PC/XBOX mode by pressing S1+S2 button?

The base firmware version needs to be or above. Press and hold S1+S2 buttons on the ESX steering wheel for 5 seconds to switch to PC/XBOX mode.


Can the ESX steering wheel use the ES Formula wheel mod or the 12" round wheel mod?

Yes. The ES steering wheel and the ESX steering wheel adopt the same specifications, and the ES steering wheel mod can be used universally.


After R3 base is switched to xbox mode, can other steering wheels be used instead of the ESX steering wheel to control it?

No, the Xbox certification chip is integrated on the ESX steering wheel. If use other steering wheels, it will only support steering, accelerator, brake and other operations, but will not be able to use functions such as button and paddles.


Can the ESX steering wheel be used on other brands of bases?

Third-party bases are not supported. The ESX steering wheel can only be used with all base models currently sold on the Moza store.


The steering wheel's display is not compatible with the game.

Some games need to be adjusted to 2000 degrees to be compatible, such as Forza Motorsport 8; some games can automatically match, such as AC. It requires adaptation by the game developers. Competitors like Fanatec also have the same issue (no need to specifically inform the customers).


Why are some racing games not compatible, and is there an update plan for compatibility in the future?

Different games may use different input libraries or APIs to handle steering wheel inputs. • Input library compatibility: Some games may use older or specific input libraries, which may not fully support all steering wheel models or features. • API limitations: The steering wheel may require specific API calls to function fully in the game. If the game does not correctly implement these API calls, the steering wheel may not work properly. We are working with different game manufacturers to address compatibility issues. Please look forward to our future updates.

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