Simline R5

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  • The way the driver communicates


    A type of top layer of carbon, twill is the standard carbon we know, i.e. a grid, forged is carbon scraps. Mechanically, it has no effect because inside there are still alternating layers of twill.

    *Carbon fiber

    You can choose an optional hoop


    Do you want a funky switch on your steering wheel?

    Funky switch
    *Which side is supposed to be funky?

    If you choose the left side, the funky switch will replace the toggle switch, if you choose the right side, the funky switch will be an additional switch.

    Do you want shifters in your steering wheel?


    Optionally, you can choose the QR you need

    Quick Release:

A replica of the Skoda Fabia R5 steering wheel in several variants, intended for simracing.

Minimalism above all, in rallies we haven't needed 50 buttons so far, that's why this steering wheel is perfect for the R5 class.

The core is made of real carbon, the optional shifters are of course aluminum, the handlebar can be equipped with a funky switch, the rim can be chosen from 32 cm or 35 cm.

The switches are Japanese Knitter Switches of the automotive class.

Due to the very tight arrangement of the buttons relative to the core of the rim, this BP is only compatible with a small number of rims. Two of our range are 100% compatible. We can also order 33cm on special request.

Delivery time from 5 to 9 days.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35×35×10 cm


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