Simline Dash5 Inch Vocore edition

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We are pleased to introduce you to our new display with a name not very ambitious Simline Dash 5inchbecause we preferred to focus on the equipment than on the name 🙂

Since the beginning of our activity in this industry, we have passed through our hands a lot of constructions of this type, based on Nextion, USBD480 or typical HDMI monitors. The only thing they had in common was that they were quite emergency.

So we decided to create something of our own, it took a lot of time, stability of operation was our priority, but also visual issues have a high priority for us, that's why we don't use 3D printing, we only use our own electronics specially designed for this equipment and we devoted hours to tests to be able to offer trouble-free, functional and good-looking equipment.

I will list the main features for readability:

– full aluminum housing, sandblasted and oxidized, thanks to which it is scratch-resistant, finger-proof and looks very good.

- VOCORE 5 inch display which is very fast, bright enough and has hundreds of dashboards available on the web which change in a second, can even adjust the layout to the car you are currently driving (ACC)

– 21 very bright RGB LEDs, fully programmable with lenses specially made for us

– electronics specially designed for this purpose, no cable spaghetti, the photo can be seen in the gallery

– different spacing of mounting screws, designed for Simucube, Fanatec or Thrustmaster

– all connected with only one USB cable, with a side exit so that monitors can be placed right behind our Dash

“Dash is the thinnest I've ever made. It is only 20mm thick.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30×20×5 cm


Moza mounts for 3d print

Manual and Led layout

shdevice file

Template 100% scale


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