Simline 720s

The most faithful replica of the McLaren 720s GT3 steering wheel, made of aluminum and carbon fiber

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  • The way the driver communicates


    Multiswitch or directional pad, encoder and button in one

    *Funky switch

    The material of the steering wheel trim, fabric emits rubber and is easier to keep clean


    A type of top layer of carbon, twill is the standard carbon we know, i.e. a grid, forged is carbon scraps. Mechanically, it has no effect because inside there are still alternating layers of twill.

    *Carbon fiber

    Double clutch system adjustable with a potentiometer, the so-called BPP (Bite Point Potentiometer)

    *Double clutch

    Wrapping the steering wheel 720s depending on the version or year


    Coiled cable class, for steering wheels where it is used only for charging, I suggest "Standard", for USB steering wheels "Premium"

    *Coiled cable class

    Optionally, you can choose the QR you need

    Quick Release:

A replica of the steering wheels from the Mclaren 720s GT3 car from 2020 to 2023 appreciated by many real steering wheels from teams such as Inception or JP Motorsport.

This replica was created based on scans, measurements and photos provided by racing teams.

The most important features of this wheel:

  • 12 APEM/MEC automotive class momentary buttons used in real racing cars
  • 4 CTS288 encoders
  • two magnetic shifters made of aluminum with carbon paddles
  • 300mm wide
  • 5mm carbon fiber core
  • aluminum housing giving the wheel total rigidity
  • specially formed grips trimmed with original Alcantara or rubber-like material (fabric)
  • optional super-precise dual-clutch system with smooth BPP adjustment
  • optional wireless connectivity
  • optional funky switch
  • several types of stickers layout available
  • 3×50.8mm and 6×70 PCD (via aluminum optional adapter)

Many reviews on the web confirm that this is the best 720s replica on the market, some links can be found in the reviews tab.


Delivery time from 5 to 14 days (depending on the version)

Weight 1,300 kg
Dimensions 35×20×20 cm


Many reviews on the web confirm that this is the best 720s replica on the market, here are some links:

Simline 720s Dual Clutch Steering Wheel - Review


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