DSD Blu32 BLE Controller

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DSD Blu32 BLE Controller - 32 Button Controller with Bluetooth Connectivity

We present to the gaming world the DSD Blu32 BLE Controller!  This remarkable device allows you to be FREE OF THE USB cable and connects to your PC via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.  Not only are you free of the USB cable, you are also free to connect rotary encoders, rotary switches, on/off toggle switches, push buttons and up to eight potentiomters to the device as you like.  This is a revolutionary device sure to set gaming on the next level.

To be specific, the DSD Blu32 BLE Controller offers the following:
  • 32 Button Connections
  • Up to 8, 12-Bit Analog Inputs (uses button connection)
  • Rotary Encoder Connection
  • Rotary Switch Connection
  • On/Off Toggle Connection
  • Momentary Switch Connection
The device is configured with our proprietary tool as detailed below.  The impact this device will make to your gaming enjoyment is self evident.  We know you'll love it!  (Measures 58mm x 48mm)


Connecting and Pairing to Host PC

The DSD Blu32 BLE Controller will function with a Bluetooth connection only on Windows 10 PCs and a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver.  You may use the device via USB cable on previous versions of Windows if you choose.  Ensure that you have a functional Bluetooth 4.0 device installed on your PC and then pair the DSD Blu32 as you would with any other Bluetooth device.  You will find it identified as "DSD Blu32 BLE" when your PC searches for ready-to-pair Bluetooth devices.  Pair it up and then take off.   See the following images below for the pairing sequence.

NOTE:  For best performance, connect a fully charged 3.7v Lipo Battery to the device (DO NOT use more than 3.7v Batteries!).  You do not need to connect it via USB to pair the device with the host PC.  A battery connection is all that is necessary.  The device may be paired with a USB cable only as well if you wish.
Step 1: Connect USB or Battery
Step 2: Press Pair button
Step 3: Pairing Successful!


Configuring the DSD Blu32 BLE Controller

You will need to use the Configuration Tool to configure your device when you connect rotary encoders, rotary switches, on/off toggle switches and potentiometers.  The Configuration Tool is simple and intuitive to use.  You will download the tool HERE (updated 06 January 2022)
Step 1 - Initial Overview:

Once you have downloaded the Configuration Tool, connect your DSD Blu32 BLE Controller via USB or Blutooth and open the tool.  You will find the name listed in the drop down menu as "HID Compliant Game Controller".  This is the Blu32.

The interface of the Configuration Tool is simple and easy to use.  You will navigate the tool with the tabs named Button Setup, Button Test, Axis Setup, Advanced and "Keyboard".  The configuration and testing features of the tool are found under these tabs. 

Step 2 - Configuring Components:

You will access the selections under the "Button Setup" tab when connect encoders, potentiometers, etc. to the device.  For example, if you connect a potentiometer to Button 1 and an encoder to Buttons 3-4, you will put check marks in the corresponding boxes.  You will follow this same process when you connect other components such as rotary switches and on/off toggle switches.  Once you have done that, press the "UPDATE" button to save your configuration.

NOTE:  For best results press the "READ" button when you first connect your device.  Once you have done that, press the "SET DEFAULTS" button and then "UPDATE" button to place the device into its default, fully clean state.  This ensures an easy initial configuration.

Also note that should you reconfigure the device at a later time, you must press the "READ" button so the current configuration is presented to you.  You may make any changes after that.

Step 3 - Testing Button Connections:

Access the "Button Test" when you wish to test and verify the button connections to the device.  Each light will illuminate red when a connection is detected. 

Step 4 - Configuring Analogue Inputs

If you wish to connect potentiomers to the device, you can test their behaviour, scale and adjust the usable range as well as invert their axis inputs as needed. 

If you wish to scale and adjust the rages, you will do that by changing the values in the minimum and maximum value fields.  Please a chack in the box if you wish to invert the direction. 

Once you have the analogue settings as you find best, press the "UPDATE" button to save the changes.

Step 5 - Adjust Polling, etc:

Access the "Advanced Tab" to make any changes to the button debounce timing, analogue channel smoothing, encoder press time and rotary/toggle switch press time. 
  • Debounce: the time presses are measured
  • Analogue Filtering: higher values will reduce jitters
  • Encoder Timing: adjusts the polling time of encode pulses
  • Rotary/Toggle Timing: adjusts the polling time
We recommend that you use our default values for nearly all applications.  You may find that jittery potentiometers preform better with higher values in for analogue filtering.

Pro Tip:  Remember to press the "UPDATE" button when making any changes to any values!

Notes - will populate when necessary



CAD Models:

You may download CAD models of the Blu32 in STP format HERE


Physical Dimensions and Connection Diagrams:

The DSD Blu32 Device measures as follows:
  • PCB Size = 58mm x 48mm
  • Mounting Holes = 50mm x 38mm
  • Potentiometers Connect on Buttons 1 through 8
  • Input Pins are closest to Main Chip
  • PWR_ENB must be jumpered for device to operate
  • MAKE SURE your battery is connected properly if you use these pins - POLARITY IS CRITICAL!
  • BOOT1 pins are OPEN
  • Production Devices will have JST-2 Connectors for easy and safe battery connection

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