SRM Tiny Emulator for Fanatec bases

The smallest emulator from Simracing Machines needed to activate FFB in Fanatec bases

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This is a miniature SimRacingMechines emulator for Fanatec steering wheel bases.

As with other versions of the emulator, it informs the Fanatec base that a steering wheel from this manufacturer is connected and activates force feedback. Without a Fanatec steering wheel connected, Fanatec steering bases do not generate any force feedback.

Just insert this PCB into the QR on the base side. You can still use the Fanatec QR, but you can't have the plug connected or you will bend all the pins. I do not accept any responsibility if you damage your steering wheel by forgetting that it is attached.

This PCB has no button plugs, so its only function is to activate force feedback.

Custom 3D printed PCB Chassis and pull handle for 8 gold pins.

The emulator has been tested in both QR1 and QR2

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10×10×10 cm


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