Simline C7R

Inspired by the real steering wheel from the Corvette C7.R, the steering wheel is made of aluminum and carbon fiber

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  • The way the driver communicates


    The material of the steering wheel trim, fabric emits rubber and is easier to keep clean


    Double clutch system adjustable with a potentiometer, the so-called BPP (Bite Point Potentiometer)

    *Double clutch

    Coiled cable class, for steering wheels where it is used only for charging, I suggest "Standard", for USB steering wheels "Premium"

    *Coiled cable class

    Optionally, you can choose the QR you need

    Quick Release:

A faithful replica of the steering wheel from the Corvette C7.R made of carbon fiber and aluminum.

The most important features:

  • 320mm wide
  • specially formed and trimmed grips with original alcantara or artificial material resembling rubber (fabric)
  • 12 hand-made buttons with inscriptions engraving
  • 2 magnetic shifters made of aluminum with carbon fiber blades
  • spiral cable up to 3 meters long
  • electronics from LeoBodnar
  • 2 CTS288 encoders
  • magnetic carbon front
  • aluminum housing
  • optional dual-clutch system based on hall sensors made of BPP

Delivery time from 14 to 30 days (depending on the version)

Weight 1,300 kg
Dimensions 35×25×15 cm


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