Sim Pedals Ultimate Upgrade Kit

Sim Pedals Ultimate Upgrade Kit

If you own a set of classic Sim Pedals Ultimate pedals, you have the option to upgrade these pedals with the major technical enhancements of the latest version of Sim Pedals Ultimate+. This upgrade kit will improve your classic Sim Pedals Ultimate in terms of durability, electronics, SmartControl software and all new brake spring system components.

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The Ultimate Upgrade Kit is for owners of the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate who want to take advantage of the major technical upgrades of the latest Sim Pedals Ultimate+.


Sim Pedals Ultimate+ is both an aesthetic and technical upgrade to the classic Sim Pedals Ultimate. This update kit contains major technical updates. Aesthetic and minor technical differences will be present compared to Sim Pedals Ultimate+ after the update. Refer to the table below for included parts and updates.

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Dimensions 25×25×5 cm


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