Moza R5 Base Direct Drive

Moza R5 with 5.5 Nm direct drive motor at an attractive price!

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Moz R5 will no longer be available separately, only in the R5 Bundle (Moz's decision)

Moza R5 Wheel Base

Moza Racing is gradually becoming an important player on the SimRacing market, offering high-quality and very durable products. Today we present the base of the Moza R5 direct drive wheel with a power of 5.5 Nm, at an attractive price. Feedback from professional and amateur simulation players helps our engineers evaluate and deliver a high-quality simulation racing experience.

Moza R5 Base Specification:

With a whopping 5.5Nm of torque, feel all the road has to offer with the power of direct drive. Thanks to intelligent design techniques, the D05 model delivers maximum power with minimum size and weight, enabling a wider audience to achieve the ultimate simulation racing experience. Aluminum alloy gives a sleek look while providing strength and durability. Countless hours have been spent with local engineers and motorsport experts to achieve the best possible steering with low jitter and low jitter for an even smoother experience. With MOZA's on-board temperature monitoring, even professional drivers can rest easy knowing the D05 will deliver reliable performance. Engine encoders feature 15-bit ultra-high resolution for precise control and an authentic experience.

  • Housing material: Aluminum
  • Cooling type : Passive
  • Platform : PC (Windows)
  • Drivetrain: DirectDrive
  • Maximum Rotation Angle : Unlimited
  • Maximum Torque: 5.5Nm
  • Max power input : 95W
  • Power : 110V~220V AC - 12V DC
  • USB refresh rate : 1000Hz
  • Quick connector: D1 Compatible
  • Ports: Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Display Screen
  • Assembly method: 4 holes from the bottom (Fanatec spacing); optional assemblies from our offer; desk clamp
  • Size: 156.8mm x 73.9mm x 124mm (L x W x H)

Weight 3,400 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm


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