Push and Pull gear shift mechanisms

The latest shifter of our production operating in Push and Pull mode

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The latest shift shifters of our production, revolutionary in terms of design due to their bi-directional action, you can both pull and repel (Push and Pull) modeled on the new LMDh class cars.

The mechanism is, of course, magnetic, mega-precise, with absolutely no play whatsoever, which is quite a challenge given the characteristics of the operation.

Automotive-grade microswitches mounted on a custom-designed PCB with a circuit to prevent both signals from being pushed in are responsible for the readout.

A 3p socket has been placed in the rear from which the cable can be easily removed. The shifter is entirely made of aluminum magnet and steel. It does not have any printed parts.

Installation is from underneath, there are M3 threads in the shifter


1pcs shifter type Push and Pull

1pcs carbon fiber vane

2pcs blade mounting screws

2pcs mounting screws

3p cable

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30×20×10 cm


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