Elastomer Kit - Sim Pedals Sprint

Sim Pedals Sprint Elastomer kit

This elastomer kit is an optional upgrade for Sim Pedals Sprint owners currently using legacy brake pads. This is a new set of elastomers with different operating characteristics, allowing even more possibilities to configure your pedals to your own preferences.

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The feel of the brake pedal is critical to your simulator experience. Continuous development has resulted in new thermoset brake elastomers, which were first introduced in the Sim Pedals Ultimate+ pedals. Thanks to compatibility, it is possible to replace early spec brake pads on Sim Pedals Sprint with these new thermoset elastomers.

Please note that these new elastomers may already be installed in your Sim Pedals Sprint kit. This is likely the case if you purchased Sim Pedals Sprint from December 2021. If your elastomers have a marking on the top indicating length and hardness, they are the latest revision rubbers. If they do not have any markings, you have an earlier model.


1x 19mm hard elastomer

1x 19mm soft elastomer

1x 28mm soft elastomer

1x 37mm soft elastomer

The rubbers included in the set give the possibility of many different configurations of the brake's operating characteristics. This allows you to set each brake to your personal preference.



Weight 0,100 kg
Dimensions 35×35×5 cm


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