Clutch blades for Asetek Formula

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Upgrade your Forte® Formula handlebars with these analog double clutches.

Inspired by real racing cars, our analog double clutches are designed to give you an important competitive edge. Experience Dual Clutch action that delivers optimal performance on start-ups and during clutch operation, helping you gain precious milliseconds!

Made of carbon, glass and plastic composite, they offer very high inherent stiffness and strength, ensuring the highest quality and durability. Both durable and comfortable, they are also lightweight, ergonomic and low noise.

With a quick and simple one-bolt installation, the clutches are also adjustable in width to suit different hand sizes and preferences.

With the offer of 3 configuration modes in RaceHub™:

Double clutch – Use both clutches to quickly start the car from a standing start. Activate both clutches to enter dual clutch mode. Release one of the clutch buttons to reach the attachment point. Gradually release the second clutch for a smooth start. This feature also allows you to configure your preferred anchor point.

Individual clutch buttons – They give you the ability to configure two independent axes according to your preferences in the selected simulation.

Buttons – Configure each clutch as additional buttons. These can be customized in your preferred simulation to the desired function.

10mm of adjustability


Weight 0,100 kg
Dimensions 25×25×5 cm


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