Asetek SimSports® Front Mount

Not only is the front mount designed to look stylish, it also allows you to attach the Asetek SimSports® Direct Drive handlebar base by directly clipping the front of the base to the structure, giving you a quick, solid and simple mounting option. This also allows installation inside or outside the structure with easy adjustment possibilities.

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Two holes on either side of the front mount allow you to attach on/off and torque off buttons, adding elegance to your simulator build. The front mount is specifically designed for Asetek SimSports® bases and is directly attached to the aluminum handlebar base housing. The 8 mm thick fixing made of laser-cut steel is an uncompromising mounting solution.

The on-your-own mount option also allows for extensive tilt adjustment, so you can adjust the angle of the handlebar base to your preferred riding position. Tilt adjustment is simple with four screws - two on either side of your structure.

Additional information

Dimensions: H168 x W135 x D535 - 660mm

Material: 8mm laser cut steel

assembly diagram


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35×25×15 cm


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